BonoBono– A fun loving cat who works at an evil empire, likes to drink coffee and torment others- especially the boss.

PrissyPrissy- Bono’s sister.The grumpiest of all the evil kittens, Prissy can always be found with a cigarette in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other.

SadcatSadcat- A sad but overall nice kitten who loves to hang out a Club Mischief hoping to get the guts to talk to “Tip Jar” whom the other kittens cant stand.

Guy CatmanGuy Catman- One of the nicest kittens in the group. All Guy Catman is looking for is the kitten of his dreams and searches constantly for her. He seems to be oblivious to the fact that his dates are trying to kill or cause him bodily harm.

DadcatDadcat- Bono and Prissy’s dad. Although he is a honest and hardworking cat, Dadcat just cant seem to win.

BudcatBudcat- Bono and Prissy’s brother. He drives Dadcat nuts.

Mr. Bones-

BudcatMr. Bones- Full name: Biggimous Bill Bones. Mr. Bones has been an account manager at “Death is not the End” Life Insurance company for 15 years. Unhappily married to Vivian Bones for 10 years. “Unhappily married” meaning- the reason they got married was the fact that Vivian was pregnant with their daughter Little Bones. Mr. Bones enjoys every moment away from his family, which includes such activities as drooling over strippers who overcharge him for lap dances and getting toasted at the “Drunken Sailor”.

BudcatDeath- Full name: Unknown. Supervisor at the “Death is not the End”Life Insurance company. A “not so” loyal friend of Mr. Bones. Death’s other jobs include second shift Grim reaper and east county pimp. Death enjoys smoking, killing innocent creatures, pimping out hookers and making Mr. Bones’s life a living hell.

BudcatMrs. Bones- Full name: Vivian Sugar Jones Bones. Former “Miss Undead” and Captain of her high school cheerleading squad. Vivian doesn’t do much of anything other than drink martinis, ignore her daughter and tormenting her husband with cruel and sarcastic comments.